‘With this killer beat, sexy horns and one helluva catchy hook, I got one question...Where’s the beach party at?!’

-The Dutch Guy


“...relentlessly hooky and ridiculously accessible, with bits of hip-hop and dance music floating around in a matrix of straight sugar pop.”

-Myles Raymer, Entertainment Weekly

"The new track continues the Dahlstrom tradition of endlessly poppy and strikingly approachable music, all with the home-grown sensibility of an artist who produces, performs, edits and mixes all of her songs herself."

-Magnet Magazine

‘Every once in a while a song comes along that revives that ‘feel-good’ atmosphere we seemingly abandoned for darker fare with the new millennium; ‘1-2-3-4-5’ is irresistible!’


"Salme Dahlstrom is into electronic pop goodness. Over the top, but never losing her footing, her album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade is a good time party album that should be played really fucking loud."

-Here Comes The Flood

"It's way better than chocolate, and it's got attitude, too.  I am honored to make the aquiaintance of a trendsetter. "

-DJ Mot, Girls Rock Radio