"Remember me for the attitude, but above all please remember me for the music"





RELEASE DATE: February 2019

LABEL: The Hit House

"The Hit House Featuring Salme Dahlstrom" is a collaboration with some of my favorite music people in the industry, The Hit House.  They came to me and said "just do you" and I did -.I searched in new and unexpected places for inspiration (and found it), I worked with children and animals and came out on the other side in one piece and feelin' fabulous! 
Some amazing vocalists lent their voices to this album - thank you to Cole Williams, Yazmin Soul, Farrad Mullins, Amber Skyes and Brian Jenkins - your participation made this record so much greater!

I spent most of 2018 writing and producing these songs and I couldn't be more proud and excited about how this album turned out.


“The album is a pure adrenaline shot of pumped up beats as vibrant as a high definition rainbow after an electrical storm. It’s a hi-nrg voyage from the shores of Madonna to the temples of Fatboy Slim via the electroclash of Felix Da Housecat.” – The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“Salme Dahlstrom is into electronic pop goodness. Over the top, but never losing her footing, her album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade is a good time party album that should be played really fucking loud…” – Here Comes The Flood

“Salme Dahlstrom's ‘Hello California’ is crystalline, guilty-pleasure pop” – Jon Sobe, blogcritics.org

“The album is slickly stylized, with catchy hooks being the focal point. The music seems to be built up around the hooks as a way to compliment them, rather than stealing the spotlight...” – Snob’s Music

"This is the record that started it all, the album that gave me a job, made me a full-time musician, songwriter and producer. Recorded in my small hole in the wall studio in New York City I remember a time full of big dreams and a determination to conquer the world. I had great confidence in these songs, in the sound I was creating. I intentionally let go of any pressure to fit into a specific genre or format. Any idea that came into my head I put down on "tape". I felt like a musical outlaw riding into town, stealing licks and hooks and putting them all into my brew, mixing up my own special snake oil. And that's where the title of the album came from - "The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade"is a swap meet of bits of music from all genres and corners of the world."

"C'mon Y'All" got picked up by ad agencies all over the world and has been featured in multiple major TV ad campaigns for brands such as CoverGirl, Suave, Kellogg's, Subaru and Juicy Couture. Every song off of "The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade" got licensed making Salme the first female indie artist to hit that achievement, promting The Wall Street Journal to dub Salme "The Licensing Queen"


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