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July 2022 - An impressive looking feature and a great read on Salme in Indiefferential Magazine. 

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July 2022 - Salme talks early New York days with her band ABoyAndAGirl, how she got started in music, inspiration and the two albums she is currently working on.

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..."But that is what you get with Salme – courage, talent, excitement, energy and everything done to  the highest standards possible. She is pure  New York.  Pop Propaganda 2 radiates the city’s  diversity and energy; you can hear the rooftop  parties, the basement raves, the living streets  of New York in every song. It’s no  wonder;  Salme is quintessential  New York energy and work ethic; she plays every instrument, writes and sings every lyric and produces every song herself,  pouring her essence and her ethic  into each line and note  and riff.  Taken individually, each song on Pop Propaganda2  can stand alone as either a  rock-‘till-you drop  dance  number, or a joyfully listenable social commentary.  Taken together, they combine into what should be at very least the dance album of the year."

-By Patrick O’Heffernan.        [read the article]


You may not know who Salme Dahlstrom is, but you've probably heard her music. The savvy singer, who knows a thing or two about earning in an era of declining recording sales, licensed every song on her latest album “The Acid Cowboy Audio Trade” for use in films, TV shows and commercials -- a rare feat. entire album.          [read the article]


Look ma, I made it into Playboy without taking my

clothes off...    [read the article]


Wanna know what gear I use in my studio, what guitars I prefer, who my influences are? If you are a lab rat (like me) or just curious about the artists you listen to this article is for you.       [read the article]


The funniest interview I've ever done bar none, thanks Posh & Dave for the laughs and the near death experience...      [read the article]

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