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"I don't care what is written about me so long as it isn't true"

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I am super proud and excited about this collection of new electro swing songs written & produced by yours truly. Thanks to Cosmind for making this a fun filled, creative process.

Check out the album "Fabulous" - links below - and get ready to swing!!!

Guilty As A Girl Can BeSalme Dahlstrom
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"It’s showtime! A fun-filled album of happy, cheeky and groovy Electro Swing Pop. Salme Dahlstrom’s new masterpiece presents an exciting mix of fresh dance beats, super-uplifting vocal hooks and irresistible girl power, blended with vintage jazz riffs from the roaring twenties and thirties."


March 24, 2023
Fabulous - New Electro Swing Album

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April 14, 2022
Body & Mind

So...I had to step away for a minute; I was not feeling well and seeing doctor after doctor who could not pinpoint what was wrong with me made me anxious and scared.

To the doctors who took the time and finally figured out what was going on (injured glutes) and the therapists (physical and mental) who helped put me back together again - Hats off to all of you and from the bottom of my heart - Thank you ❤️.

I still have months of rehab left until I am fully back, that's OK, that's life...but it's time to get back to work - I have minds to warp and toys to play with...🤪


November 19, 2021
New Interviews

Two new interviews for you to sink your senses in to:

 - Pop Art Ave is a great music blog focused on electronic music acts in the New York area. I did a "Let's get to know Salme"segment for them a while back. Check it out here:

 - The Phantom Electric Ghost interview series is a podcast that focuses on the creative process of music making. I had a great chat with host Keith about my influences, how I go started in music and the process I go through when I make my records. Listen to the entire podcast here:

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The worldwide TV ad campaign for the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex features my song "The Good Life" with vocals by Farrad, written and produced by yours truly. From the album "The Hit House featuring Salme Dahlstrom - Good Times", available from all your favorite digital music distributors and streamers.


May 26, 2021
TV Commercial Land

My music has been featured in some very cool and colorful TV commercials lately, check it out...

First out is an Australian TV ad for SURF laundry detergent featuring "Got The Yeah", a song I wrote and produced that features the extremely talented Moria Moore on vocals. 


November 23, 2020

New Music - Euphoria

I spent the first 6 months of the pandemic working on tracks for one of my favorite music companies. It was a blessing during all this madness to be able to escape into the world of music and focus on funky beats and happy hooks. It became my refuge and happy place. Check out the first song "Euphoria" on Spotify.

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April 30, 2020

Rob Papen


Excited to announce that I am now a proud endorsee of Rob Papen and his kick ass software instruments and efx. I have been using his products like Predator and Sub Boom Bass for years and am like a kid at Christmas right now browsing all the stuff included in the eXplorer 6 bundle. These sounds are out of this world, superbad, crazy good! Can't wait to get into the studio and start creating with these bad boys, they'll be all over my next project for sure. Wanna hear for yourself? Go to and check out the awesomeness!


May 9, 2020

"Labor Of Love" on Fox


FOX has a new reality TV show called "Labor Of Love" debuting in May and I have contributed a couple of new tracks to one of the episodes. More details as we near the premier but here's what you need to know:

This summer, FOX levels up dating to mating by taking viewers along on one woman's unconventional journey toward potential love and motherhood with the new unscripted show LABOR OF LOVE. The groundbreaking series, hosted by award-winning actress Kristin Davis ("Sex and the City"), and produced by Propagate Content ("Charmed," "Haunted," "Running Wild With Bear Grylls") and Full Picture ("Project Runway"), will debut Thursday, May 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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