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The Wall Street Journal dubbed musician Salme Dahlstrom a “savvy singer” and “music licensing queen” when, like Moby before her, she managed to license every track from her 2008 album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade to various corporations and television programs.  At the time, Dahlstrom was not only just getting noticed, she was just getting started.

“C’mon Y’All”, one of catchiest numbers on an album of catchy numbers climbed Billboard’s Dance Chart and eventually received prominent placements in major ad campaigns for CoverGirl, Suave, and Kellogg’s that ran on primetime network television for months.

Trust us, you know this song!


While managing what inevitably became a highly successful licensing business, Dahlstrom continues to do the work that got her there, releasing music - funky, hooky and fun; the kind of songs that you hear once and then can't get out of your head.

After the success of The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade Dahlstrom released a dance single, So Delicious, that made it all the way into Top10 on the Billboard Dance Chart and featured a remix by her hero Junior Vasquez. A 3 EP/album collection titled Pop Propaganda followed featuring titles such as Lux Punk and Pop Ur Heart Out. The albums garnered great reviews from the likes of Entertainment Weekly who called Dahlstrom's music "relentlessly hooky and ridiculously accessible" and many of the songs were successfully licensed to ad campaigns (eos lip balm, Saks 5th Avenue) TV shows and movies.

-“My commitment when it comes to creating music is and has always been to have fun and stir some s**t up, start a fire and then walk right through it”, Dahlstrom says slyly. “Because after all, if you don’t have fun then what do you have?”

"I love the fact that I am self-contained; I produce, I play most of the instruments, I sing, I program, I do my own editing and mixing. It gives me the control to put down on tape (well, hard drive) exactly what is in my head. It is exciting to be me."

Dahlstrom's latest release is The Hit House Featuring Salme Dahlstrom.

- "It is a collaboration with some of my favorite people in the industry, The Hit House", Dahlstrom explains. "They came to me and said "just do you" and I did. I searched in new and unexpected places for inspiration (and found it), I worked with children and animals and came out on the other side in one piece and feeling fabulous! Some amazing vocalists lent their voices to this project - Cole Williams, Yazmin Soul, Farrad Mullins, Amber Skyes and Brian Jenkins all brought their own special flavor of excellence and it made this album so much greater".

Dahlstrom is currently in the studio working on new material. Look for some new music coming your way in 2023, stay tuned!

"I always wanted to be Marlene Dietrich with a guitar"

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